Instant Blue – protein gel staining dye (1L)

Submitted by Maria Abaeva - Cell Culture specialist in Gentaur on 2015-05-05 13:00:02

GENTAUR MOLECULAR PRODUCTS present the fastest easy-to-use protein gel staining dye – Instant Blue. The use of Instant Blue for protein gel electrophoresis provides sensitive and completely safe detection of the target proteins. Correct and reproducible result can be obtained in a few minutes without any additional procedures like washing, fixing and destaining of the whole gel. Its special formula, proprietary Coomassie® stain is improved for enhancement of the sensitivity and overall resolution. As a result, blue brands on a highly transparent background are well defined. The Instant blue stained proteins can be used for downstream analysis like mass spectrometry. Instant Blue is composited by 1L reagent, containing Coomassie dye, ethanol, phosphoric acid and solubilizing reagents in water. GENTAUR MOLECULAR PRODUCTS is proud to be a supplier of best Coomassie blue stain dye on the market according to the opinion of many scientists who are working in the field of molecular biology and proteomics in universities and private research centers. They think that is the cheapest and time saving product to obtain reliable results. Our clients find it to be the cheapest and time saving product (only 10-15 minutes at room temperature are required to stain a polyacrylamide gel) to obtain reliable results.

No special storage is required for this extremely fast dark blue dye - just put the bottle in the fridge next to your orange juice! When you are going to perform protein gel electrophoresis do not shake vigorously the bottle to mix the Instant blue but only invert the bottle a few times.

The user-friendly protocol of Instant Blue gel staining dye is available on GENTAUR’s websites.

Author: Maria Abaeva - Cell Culture specialist in Gentaur